PhantEye ver 1.0


What does your business do? We fuse all of the facets of the live entertainment industry starting with the fans, artists, and an event ticketing system that aims to eliminate ticket scalping.

Why do people need it? Artists and promoters need Phanteye because ticket scalping is a pain to both of them. Scalpers make extra money off of tickets that the promoters never see and the artists wants their fans to come see them at a reasonable price, so eliminating ticket scalping is a win for both of them. Everyday people need PhantEye to be informed on what’s going on in the entertainment industry and the new local talent popping up.

Who is it for? Anyone involved in the live entertainment industry: venues, record labels, artists, fans, videographers, event promoters, PR firms, music journalists, set designers, etc.

What makes it different? We are the first company and website that brings all of the people together that make live entertainment happen.

What’s next? Up next, we are fine tuning our anti-ticket scalping technology for real world tests and demos.

Founder(s): Marcus J. Floyd