#1 The Jeffersons: Change for a Dollar Part 1 of 2

George’s quick stop at his Queens cleaning store en route to dinner frames a flashback story to when he opened his first store, served his first customer, and earned his first dollar fifteen years earlier in 1968.

In Season 9 the Change of a Dollar episode 22 was exceedingly special. Not only do we see a more compassionate George Jefferson in regards to his wife; we also see how compassionate he can be in regards to his customers.

The story begins with George counting his money. I, at first, thought the audience was about to treated to another knock off of “A Christmas Carol”. I was very wrong. The first dollar that George Jefferson ever owned began a flashback sequence to 1968. This was the year that the Jeffersons opened their cleaning business.

After an agonizingly slow first day and after several antics, we meet Mrs. Colby, a good soul who supports the “little man” when it comes to business. Of course “Weezie” and George are very happy and grateful.

The end of this show tied everything together nicely. I would most definitely suggest all fans of the show take the opportunity to watch this episode. Don’t be surprised if you get a bit misty. You may chide yourself, but don’t feel bad! It isn’t often that George Jefferson really got an opportunity to show his softer side.


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